Origin initiating neophytes into the death and re-birth experienceRead the Introduction to Inner Christianity, pages 1-9

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1. What theme has dominated the history of the last century?

2. T/F Modern inquiry has destroyed the religious search.

3. What is the goal of many Eastern religions?

4. What word means "knowledge" in Greek?

5. What does "esoteric" mean?

6. Compare and contrast esotericism and mysticism.

7. What does esoteric Christianity offer the individual?

8. How do esoteric Christians look at the Bible?

9. Esoteric work still requires the __________ and ___________ to look _________.

10. As you see and understand more of the __________ ________, ____________, ___________, and __________ become more _______________ and ____________.

11. T/F Esotericists are found in and outside of all denominations.

12. Esoteric thought calls upon you to ______________ it, not on the basis of __________ and _____________, but by its ____________ with your _________ ________.

13. What must a reader bring to bear on any spiritual text to avoid its becoming hearsay and second-hand information?

14. Love must be counterbalanced by ____________ to maintain balance.

15. What image represents the essence of the esoteric Christian path?

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Questions by Deborah Presvytera