Lectio Divina, a powerful but easy spiritual practiceRead Chapter 8 in Inner Christianity on Spiritual Practices, aka Techniques.  Copy and paste the questions below to a new e-mail, insert your answers and send to the Mystery School with the following subject line:  InnerChris 8 from ___________ (Your name).

1.  Knowing God is ultimately a matter of cultivating a ____________ ____________.

2.  What is the double process of the path of esoteric Christianity?

3.  T/F   Mindfulness practices are central to esoteric teachings worldwide.

4.  What is backward remembering, and how can it help you?

5.  What are two names or symbols for mental substance?

6.  What can shape these?

7.  T/F  Matter is fundamental to the universe.

8.  What are logismoi?

9.  What is an egregore?

10.   Name four types of mental images (visualized images) that can be used by the esotericist when performing techniques described in this chapter.

11.  What must accompany the awakened heart?

Prayer of the Heart12.  Where should the prayer of the heart be rooted?

13.  What is hesychia?

14.  What are the two meanings of the "dark night of the soul"?

15.  What state is sometimes known as "infused prayer"?

16.  What does "maranatha" mean?

17.  What is the phase of purgation (or purification)?

18.  What is lectio divina, and how is it done?

19.  What are the four levels of lectio divina (in the Latin)?

20.  What book of the Bible is often used in lectio divina?

21.  How is the esoteric purpose of the Psalms best understood?

22.  Why is prayer done?

23.  The Lord's Prayer sets out the __________ of a ________ _________ the __________ brought down to earth.

24.  T/F   The "bread' mentioned in the Lord's Prayer means physical sustenance.

25. T/F   The Lord's Prayer shows evidence of kabbalistic influences.

Exercise: Choose a phrase that has spiritual meaning to you and chant it. Experiment with changes in pitch, emphasis, and length of sustained notes. Remember that you must be mindful of what you're doing in this, integrating your whole being. In other words, don't just chant to hear your own voice! Make note of anything that happened during this exercise.

NOTE:  Those studying in our Esoteric Mystery School's ecclesiastical degrees will be practicing the techniques mentioned in this chapter.  We study them in depth in the Grail Christian Techniques class in the Archdiakon (Archdeacon / Archdeaconess) study hall, which, by the way, is the one other place you will find this Inner Christianity mini-course.

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Questions by Deborah Presvytera