The Feminine Face of Christianity, a book by Margaret StarbirdInner Christianity Lesson 7

Please read Chapter 7:  Feminine Face of God, in your book Inner Christianity.

Then look at some of the beautiful pages inside the book Feminine Face of Christianity by Margaret Starbird (click on "See Inside this Book").

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1.  T/F  No examples of the divine feminine are present in Christianity.

2.  What are the two chief figures of the female divine in Christianity?

3.  Does the Deity have a gender?

4.  What does "Sophia" mean?

5.  What does it mean to "set a compass on the face of the depth"?

6.  T/F Sophia and Christ are essentially the same principle.

7.  As an ___________ _________ of __________ ______________, the Gnostic myth of Sophia is quite ___________.

8.  What part of the human personality does Ialdabaoth represent?

9.  What type of matter does the Virgin symbolize?

10.  What does virginity mean in the cognitive sense?

11.  Why is prima materia portrayed as dark or black?

12.  T/F There is little evidence of any devotion to Mary in the church's first centuries.

13.  Many features of what two goddesses were transferred to Mary?

14.  Why is Mary so fervently worshipped worldwide?

Essay: Do you believe, along with the Gnostics, that Sophia is fallen and in need of redemption? Why or why not? There is no right or wrong answer here, but please support your opinions. [Rev. Katia writes: Eve and Sophia are both females who are portrayed as making cosmic mistakes during the creation event. I often wonder why the Gnostics, Jews and Christians feel this need to have a woman deity take the rap, take the "fall."  I guess it is their way of explaining evil in the world and we know what a thorny problem the Problem of Evil has been to philosophers of all ages.  How ironic that the word philosopher means, "Lover of Sophia".]

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