The Four Living CreaturesRead Chapter Six of Inner Christianity, entitled The Gospels & the Work of Christ. Copy and paste the questions below to a new e-mail, insert your answers and send to the Mystery School with the following subject line:  InnerChris 6 from ___________ (Your name).

1.  Who is the Christ of the inner circle?

2.  The esoteric Christ is the Christ not of _________, but ______________.

3.  T/F  There is plenty of evidence of Jesus' life and teachings outside the Gospels.

4.  Did the disciples really know who Jesus was?

5.  The Gospels are not so much meant to be ____________ as to be _______.

6.  What are the four living creatures associated with the four gospel writers?

7.  Where in the Old Testament do these creatures appear?

8.  How do the four beasts relate to the human?

9.  What zodiac signs are associated with the four beasts?

10.  How does Smoley define the virgin birth?

11.  T/F   In a sense, every birth is a "virgin" birth.

12.  How do the personages in Matthew's nativity story relate to the parts of the human?

13.  What does the name "Egypt" mean?

14.  How does Luke's nativity story cast another light on the body?

15.  What types are represented by the author of John?

16.  Of what is Samaria a personification?

17.  The utterances of Jesus remind us that by _____________ to the core of our own being, we can make ___________ with the _________________ at the center of the ______________.

18.  T/F   Christ's passion and resurrection is a myth.

19.  When did the doctrine of the vicarious atonement become official doctrine?

20.  Gnosis is ________________--the ability to ___________ a mystery with the deeper reaches of one's own ___________ and ______________ it accordingly.

21.  Christ is the embodiment of the _______________ aspect of God.

22.  As we come to see it more clearly, we will tend to regard the ____________ less as an ______________ being to be worshipped and adored and more of as something __________ to be _________ _________ of ourselves and made _______________.

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Questions by Deborah Presvytera