Gnostic Re-birth initiation, the Spirit covers the initiate. Notice the snake of knowledgeRead Chapter Four: the Second Birth in Inner Christianity. Copy and paste the questions below to a new e-mail, insert your answers and send to the Mystery School with the following subject line:  InnerChris 4 from ___________ (Your name).

1.  What are the three levels of human nature, according to John 3:3-8?

2.   To what parts of human nature do these correspond?

3.  What are the two aspects of the world?

4.  Gnosis is the __________ __________ of the "I" from its ______________ in the ___________ and _______________ worlds; it is the reversal of the _________.

5.  To what does rebirth give entrance?

6.  What are the three major challenges we must face? (You will have to read ahead to find them all.)

7.  Rather than __________ the ____________, the trick is to ________ them as fully as possible without __________ to them or _____________ ______________ with them.

8.   T/F  Mastery of the natural, psyche level is all about spirituality.

9.  What are the names of the mental events that are extraneous to us, and what do they mean?

10.  The ___________ ___________ against all _____________ whether great or small, is to _____________ your _________ and ___________ its suggestions, feelings, and affections to your ____________.

11.  What does de Sales mean by "director"?

12.  What is the deadliest of the seven sins?

13.  What is the central mystery of Christianity?

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Questions by Deborah Presvytera