Diagram showing the construction of the vesica piscis and how it is related to the Ichthys Jesus fishRead Chapter 10, Symbols and Sacraments, in Inner Christianity. Copy and paste the questions below to a new e-mail, insert your answers and send to the Mystery School with the following subject line:  InnerChris 10 from ___________ (Your name).  

Here's a nice article on the vesica piscis with links back to other Christian and esoteric symbols.

Lesson 10: Symbols and Sacraments

1.  What is the linchpin of the human framework?

2.  What are the psyche's three layers?

3.  How does Christianity communicate with the three aspects of the psyche?

4.  Does the intellect have to remain unconscious?

5.  What is one of the most time-honored ways of cultivating the intellect?

6.  A __________ cannot be approached entirely by way of its __________, but at the same time its _____________ is not to be ____________ entirely.

7.  What does the number five indicate?

8.  What is symbolized by the two interpenetrating circles of the vesica piscis?

9.   What shape represents materiality?

10.  What creature has the body of a goat and the head of a lion?

11.  What does "Calvary" mean?

12.  What part of the human makeup did St. Francis call "Brother Ass"?

13.  What are the principle rituals of Christianity?

14.  Which of the sacraments can be traced back to Christ?

15.  Judaism is the religion of a __________; Christianity is a religion of the ____________.

16.  What does the use of "living water" in baptism symbolize?

17.  What are the meanings of baptism by immersion? List at least four.

18.  What can be opened by anointing?

19.  What are the two chief features of the Mass of the Catechumens?

20.  What are the two main forms of sacred literature?

Emperor Constantine presents the Nicene Creed to Jesus for his blessing 21.  What was the original name for the Nicene Creed?

22.  What is one way of dealing with creeds when you have difficulty with orthodox dogma?

23.  List the relation of the parts of the human to the two sets of symbols (found on page 220).

24.  T/F One should never try to pass over the different levels of understanding.

25.  What symbol of the level of spirit is used at the beginning and end of Jesus' ministry?

26.  What is the main difference between baptism and the Eucharist?

27.  T/F Rites are predetermined and forever fixed in stone.

28.  The ___________ to which Christianity points are _________; the _________ in which this truth is expressed are _____________ and _____________.

Exercise:   Meditate on the fish symbol as directed on page 199. Make a brief note of what you experienced.

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